Membership of COSSEC is by invitation only.

COSSEC will be a dynamic community whose membership will evolve over time.

New members may be invited to join COSSEC as the project develops, and/or the COSSEC Steering Committee become aware of organisations for whom membership could be beneficial.

Membership will be governed by a written agreement with each participating organisation.  This will define terms such as non-disclosure of confidential information, advantageous terms that may apply for members with respect to access to project results, obligations of members etc. 

Different forms of interaction among COSSEC Members are planned to take place:

  • Webinars

  • Surveys/ questionnaires

  • One-to-one interviews

  • Information sharing using electronic media (discussion forums etc.)


At the time of writing the proposal, the plan was to organise at least two workshops centred round practical trials in two cities (Oslo and Padoa), bringing members together in face-to-face settings for active discussions, demos etc.   Travel restrictions arising from COVID-19 mean that we may have to revise those plans and rely more heavily on other forms of interaction.  

There will be no fee for membership of COSSEC, of for use of the COSSEC Communications Platform. A substantial budget has been set aside to contribute to travel and subsistence costs for COSSEC members taking part in face-to-face workshops.

COSSEC will ensure full respect for privacy and data protection.  The project will implement data governance mechanisms that ensure the quality and integrity of the data and implement strict access control. 

COSSEC ethical issues will be regulated by the IMPETUS ethical framework, combining the complementary perspectives of end-users (partner cities, COSSEC members and others) and technology providers through data collection, workshops and other collaborative activities.